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Free Christian Science Lectures in Connecticut 

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Christian Science Lectures
in Connecticut 


By Tom McElroy
Sun, March 24, 2024, 2:00pm
Hartford, CT
235 Scarborough St.

About Tom 

Tom does minimal travel due to his role as manager of the Board of Lectureship, and his lecture schedule is now full for the remainder of the 2023-2024 lecture year.

Tom has always loved meeting new people and learning fresh and inspiring ideas. Through his study of Christian Science, he has found that a better understanding of God helps him connect with all kinds of people and to appreciate and enjoy the many diverse expressions of divine Life and Love which fill the globe.

Tom’s interest in different cultures, people, and ideas that led him to study philosophy at university. During his university years, he was also able to participate in a few study-abroad programs which took him to France, Belize, Vietnam, China, and Tibet. He’s now been to every continent but Antarctica. During these travels, he experienced many proofs of God’s ever-present care for His global family.

After graduating from university, Tom obtained a position as the senior loan officer in charge of a mortgage company’s most active branch. At the same time, he also worked with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department as a volunteer chaplain in men’s, women’s, and youth correctional facilities, giving Christian Science services and one-on-one interviews. These experiences gave him many opportunities to rely on and prove the power of God’s laws of goodness and harmony, which govern all of creation and bring immeasurable benefits to all mankind, even in the most adverse situations.

Tom now devotes himself to the full-time public healing ministry of Christian Science. While serving on the Board of Lectureship, Tom has spoken at probation facilities, universities, public schools, churches, and for public service groups — like those serving homeless and at risk youth — as well as in other general public venues. He gives lectures in English and French.

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Christian Science Lecture

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